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Policy Changes effective 1/1/2015

Due to the problems we have had over the years with not knowing who we have in the condos

and complaints from the owners and KKPOA  these changes will go into effect as of January 1, 2015.

At our annual Board Meeting on December 13, 2014 the Board voted and passed the following

policy  changes for Renters of Captain’s Walk Villas.

1.       All renters names, contact information, vehicle information with make and tag number must be registered with the association by email at the time of move in.  Please email to

2.       The minimum rental term will be 7 days.

3.       The maximum number of tenants allowed will be 2 persons per bedroom.  No storage or parking of boats, trailers or extra vehicles are allowed in the parking lots.  They must be stored in the overflow trailer storage area located on Maintenance Road.

4.       All renters must be informed by the owner or rental agency of the Rules and Regulations of Captain’s Walk Villas Association and KKPOA and must abide by them.

5.       No dogs, cats or other pets are allowed to be kept in the condos by renters of CWV (existing renter will be grandfathered in---However if pets become disruptive or destructive they will be required to be removed)


6.       Owners are responsible enforcing these policies.  The CWVHOA will advise the owner of the violation and will be given 5 days to remedy the violation.  Failure to do so will result in a daily fine of $50.00 per day assessed by the association on the condo owner.