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The Board of Directors recommends to print out and keep a copy of this page in your villa.


All noise complaints need to be directed to the KK Community Patrol at 864.723 3052.  They are available 24 hours a day.  


Interior Plumbing Leaks: If a water leak appears to be coming from an interior pipe, it is normally the responsibility of the homeowner to have it repaired.  If the source of the leak is in a villa other than your own, please contact the other homeowner immediately to inform them of the leak. If you can not find a contact number for the homeowner, please contact a Board Member for assistance in acquiring a number.  If it is an active leak that requires the water to be shut off, please contact KKUS at 864.944.6700. If it is after hours please call the South Gate at 864.944.2112 and they will send someone out if no one else is available. 

Roof and Exterior Building Leaks:  Leaks that stem from the roof or other common areas are normally the responsibility of the CW Association.  Please contact a Board Member to inform them of the leak.  If it is an active leak that requires immediate attention and you are unable to reach a Board Member please call the South Gate at 864.944.2112.

If you are in need of a plumber, here are a few local contractors:

Plumbing by Greg  864.882.1002  (the CW Association uses this contractor)

Around the Clock Plumbing  864.885.1999

Neighborhood Plumbing  864.710.6794 


If you experience a sewage back-up inside your villa, please contact KKUS at 864.944.6700 immediately (after hours 864.944.2112).  KKUS will evaluate the situation and determine if it is a KKUS issue.  If it is not a KKUS issue, they will inform the homeowner to contact a plumber for assistance.  The association recommends Plumbing by Greg (864. 882.1002) for all sewage back-ups.  

Sewage back-ups can be due to various obstructions in the sewage lines.  Once the obstruction is determined by the plumber, the financial responsibility to repair it may either be a homeowner or CW Association expense, but in either case, the work must be done. Notify a Board Member to make them aware of the problem.  If the cause was due to a common area obstruction, the bill for the plumbing repair would be an Association expense.  All repairs for interior damage to a villa is the responsibility of the homeowner.   


If you find yourself locked out of your villa (and you don't have a contractor lock-box with a key), please contact a local locksmith.

Locks & Keys (John Lockwood)  864.882.1274  or  864.653.7474 



Keowee Residential Heating and A/C 864.903.0144


Advanced Electrical Services  864.903.9282 or 864.944.8074