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Planning Meeting Recap

Posted on August 22, 2022 at 4:25 PM

Planning Meeting Recap— CWV Board of Directors

July 28, 2022 at the Keowee Key Bistro,  10am

The CWV Board met on July 28 to discuss maintenance issues and plan for the final quarter of the year.  The was an informal meeting with no voting recorded, and was meant to assess recent member concerns, and address unfinished items related to maintenance, and how those fit into the budget.

Several members have had recent issues with timeliness of maintenance. Two board members had met with some members the previous week to walk the grounds and discuss. The board appreciates this input.  

The difficulty of getting help or contracts at this time was noted. It is hoped that some added attention will help expedite.  

Pressure washing - This item was not in our budget for this year, however some areas are showing need for it so the budget will be reexamined with Foothills related to fitting it in.  (Post meeting update:  Pressure washing of the buildings has been completed). 

Terminix - We are no longer seeing emails reminding of the Terminix spraying and will inquire with Scott at Foothills. It has been our understanding that Terminix stopped offering the optional interior service (at individual owner’s cost), as this was difficult to schedule or caused other problems. The Board will review what all is covered in our group/exterior spraying, the pricing, and clarify some items such as cobweb sweeping, etc. These are likely not included, but that will be clarified or a quote for added cost of that service requested. The Board will also seek quotes from other pest control companies to insure that we are getting the best value at the current time. 

Reserve Projections — The board will follow up on long term projections for Capital improvements to insure that our reserves are adequate. Given the rise in costs for most services or materials, some projections may need to be increased.  As our buildings age, there may be new items that need addressing and need to be put into projections as well. 

Bats/Bat-houses - The board President will check with bat removal professionals related to the bat houses and an increase in bat issues in some buildings. It is not certain when the bat houses were put it place or by whom, and added information is needed related to placement, as well as remedying any bat issues currently being experienced by residents.  Insurance coverage will also be checked related to association coverage/responsibility.  

Budget - A mid-year budget update is needed. Will get this from Foothills along with any delinquent account info to be sure that proper action is taken to collect.

Skirt board on chimney — Repair needed, estimated $1000.  

Nuisance Animals - Will follow up with CARE related to a number of complaints regarding nuisance animals.  Owners should refer to the KKPOA Rules and CARE guidelines, which includes a warning and a $50 per occurrence fine.

Brown Recycling Boxes - These were put in by the KK Green Team in 2020, but we are uncertain of the schedule for pickup, and KK Operations was unsure. At times, these are overflowing, or items not allowed are placed in or around the boxes.  Will check with Green Team to better understand the process and responsibility.  

REMINDER:  Please follow the guidelines posted inside the boxes and do not place items around on the outside.  

700 Building — A unit had a broken pipe resulting in water damage. There may be damage to the joists related to moisture.  CWV Insurance will be called to subrogate and determine remedy and responsibility.  

Crawl Spaces/locks - There are some units that have dedicated/finished storage areas and their own sliding doors to those. Other units have crawl spaces.  NO UNITS/BUILDINGS with shared  crawl spaces (which are not deeded with the units) should have locked doors, as access may be needed by the other owner or for maintenance or inspection purposes. 

Broken Fence - The broken fencing along Captains Walk Circle has seen better days. There have been repairs done to sections on other occasions but the material is rotting and it may be best to simply remove it. Board will check with Foothills for their thoughts or input.

Deck Boards - A new resident had question about deck boards. According to our governing documents and historical policy, deck boards, unless on shared steps or deck area, are the responsibility of the individual owners. Carpenter bees have damaged some individual unit decking. We are unsure where this falls in the association responsibility or the individual owners but will clarify with HOA attorney. 

Additional Attorney questions - Some clarification from our attorney is also needed related to remedies or recourse available to the association if owners are not complying with rules or responsibilities.

Parking Lot - For planning & budgeting purposes, as quote from asphalt companies will be sought to assess costs for resurfacing or repairs/sealant.  

Assigned Parking — Other than the 560 building, there is NO ASSIGNED PARKING in Captains Walk.  Owners should be reminded of this.  It is always asked that as a courtesy to neighboring units,  those who have more than one vehicle only park one nearest the buildings and use the father away spaces for any additional vehicle(s) or guests. 

Sidewalk Cleaner - If pressure washing is not in the budget for all sidewalks, we will consider a product such as Wet & Forget to help refresh the walkways.  

Volunteers - There are many items on all of our wish lists that might be accomplished through some volunteer efforts, since they are not in the immediate budget, or since increases might be necessary to pursue those. 

CWV Social Event — The possibility of a simple pool party with pizzas or subs was discussed.   Another option would be something coordinated with the Club. Any member interested in attending or coordinating may contact the CWV board (

Call for Candidates - Members willing to serve on the board are needed. This is a volunteer position which adds to the betterment of the community. 

The meeting concluded at 12:30pm. 

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