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Board Mtg Minutes - Jan 14, 2021

Posted on January 20, 2021 at 6:55 PM

Captains Walk Villa Homeowners Association Board

Meeting Minutes January 14th, 2021

The regular meeting of the Captains Walk Villa Homeowners Association Board was called to order at 1:30pm on January 14, 2021 via Zoom Meeting by Sherri Wangrin..

Present (via Zoom)

Sherri Wangrin (Board member)

Franck Boynton (Board member)

Chris Nassor (Board member)

Geig Lee (Foothills Property Management) Diane Lee (Foothills Property Management)

Approval of Agenda

No official agenda for this initial meeting.

Approval of Minutes

As this is a new board, there were no prior meeting minutes to approve.

Open Issues

 Three crawl spaces in 560 building have dryer vents which were venting into crawl spaces and must be redirected. Owners are responsible for moving dryer vents to vent outside. Two of the three are in progress or completed. Foothills Property Management (Geig) will follow up.

 Minor roof leak at 800 building. Donna Rice (prior president) has been overseeing. Foothills (Geig) will touch base with her.

New Business

 Terminix needs a date when they can access all crawl spaces, first level condos and basements (for those units with basements) so they can perform termite inspection.

 Terminix will be performing exterior spraying twice a month Captain’s Walk. A note will be sent out to all two weeks before each treatment. They will rotate which buildings they spray each time which will insure that every building receives treatment once per quarter. If an owner would like the inside of their unit


treated, Terminix can do this any time they are doing exterior spraying at Captain’s Walk (even if it isn’t their building being sprayed) The inside treatment will be a $30 cost per treatment and payment is due upon service. Inside treatment should protect a unit for 3 months. Foothills sent a letter on January 14th with more details on how to contact Terminix.

 Gutters have to be cleaned very often due to debris collection (as result of trees and roof pitch). Board looking for recommendations from Foothills Property Management on options to reduce the number of required cleanings. Board understands there may be an upfront cost to these options. Per Foothills, options will never get rid of cleanings but can reduce the number of times per year they are needed.

 Foothills Property Management will reach out to landscaper (Upstate Yard Pro) to get written description of services rendered.

 Currently there is no standard waivers used for right of refusal on sale/purchase of Captains Walk units. Board will work with Foothills to approve a standard form that can be sent to owners for completion.

 Foothills (Diane Lee) needs year-end bank statements. Per Bill (prior Board member), not yet available.

 Foothills will pay Terminix for 2020 services.

 Foothills (Geig) will develop the 2021 operating budget for discussion/approval

by Board.

 Foothills (Geig) will develop a long-term budget to account for future capital

expenditures. Foothills would like historical information on prior capital


 CWV HOA has storage for files and tools. Looking to eliminate standalone

storage when contract ends. Foothills can store for less money if number of boxes can be reduced to 5 or less. Board will look into going through and clearing out unnecessary records.

 All owner requests and concerns should be sent to Foothills directly by owners. Foothills will bring to Board as needed.

 Board positions for 2021 have been assigned:

o Sherri Wangrin will serve as President

o Franck Boynton will serve as Vice President o Chris Nassor will serve as Secretary/Treasurer

Agenda for Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on January 19 th, 2021 at 1:30pm via Zoom to discuss and approve 2021 budget.



Meeting was adjourned at 2:14pm by Sherri Wangrin. General meetings will occur quarterly but may be more frequent as Foothills takes over management responsibility. The next general meeting will be set at a later date.

Minutes submitted by: Chris Nassor, CWV HOA Secretary Approved by: Sherri Wangrin

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