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Annual Meeting Minutes

Posted on December 14, 2020 at 2:20 PM

Captains Walk Villas 2020 Annual Meeting


Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Held in Keowee Room of the Event Center, Keowee Key

A quorum was established.


Also in attendance from Foothills Property Management: Geig Lee & Diane Lee


The meeting was called to order.


Current Financial Statement and a full printout of bank transactions were presented for members to see all itemized expenses for the current year. Although there will still be a few expenses during this last month of 2020, we will come in with expenses well below budget (estimated to be around $8K below budgeted expenses after December expenses are figured in). This leaves us in a stronger standing after such large unexpected expenses in 2019.


Landscaping was discussed. It has been difficult no matter which landscaping company we have used to get them to consistently perform the on-going duties as scheduled. Foothills has been made aware of this and may have some alternatives or be able to use their collective clout to help improve the situation.


Pending issues of non-compliance were discussed. There remain a few issues that owners have not remedied, specifically door color violations and dryers not properly vented. Foothills was made aware of this and will follow up after they take over.


Bank account change: With Foothills taking over January 1, we will change our banking to First Citizens, where Foothills does banking with all of their management clients. This will include both the Reserve account and the Operating account.


Pending repair item: 800-4 unit has a flashing issues that is currently being evaluated and under repair. It has been tarred with new booting and flashing but this didn’t fully correct the problem. It has been determined that it could be condensation but is still under investigation to insure that the issue is corrected fully. Foothills was made aware of the issue and will monitor and assess when they take over.


Contractors: The board will pass on any contractor information to Foothills. It was noted that there was currently only one on-going contractor that would be recommended to continue, since the other reliable contractor is planning on moving out of the area soon. It was noted that Foothills having both the management team and a separate contractor business based locally could be beneficial to Captains Walk.


Property Management: Geig and Diane introduced themselves and shared their long history in property management in the area. The month of Dec will be used to set up transitions. Information regarding contacts and methods of reporting issues will be provided prior to January 1, when they take over, and will be emailed to all members and posted on the CW website.


2021 Board: It was noted that while we did have 2 volunteers for the 2020 board who had been elected (Franck Boynton & Sherri Wangrin), we still needed to fill the third position, which Donna Rice had volunteered to fill temporarily in order to reach the three member count outlined in the bylaws. Chris Nassor graciously stepped up to serve and will be appointed by the board for the third position. Appreciation was shown to the 2020 Board for the job they have done in this most unusual year.


The meeting was adjourned.



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