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Mid-Year Newsletter

Posted on July 15, 2020 at 7:25 PM

CAPTAIN’S WALK VILLAS HOA 1200 Captain’s Cove Court Salem, SC29676

MID Year Update

This has been an unusual and sometimes challenging few months with the coronavirus protocol the Board felt it would not be prudent to hold open meetings. However, the Board continues to keep members informed on completed and proposed projects thus far.

Many members have commented on how great the area is looking. Your comments and encouragement are appreciated.

Pressure Washing: We noted in the April Newsletter we were accepting bids for this project. With the sidewalks, curbs, shared concrete patios and all shared areas finished, this project is completed. Full Glass Storm Door: This option was voted on by the membership and approved. This option will be added to our “Approved List.” Thanks to all the membership participation.

Clearing Underbrush: Many of you had expressed concern that the common areas were overgrown and in serious need of clearing. The Board took bids and the project was completed. One member remarked that he could view the golfers on the course again. So many members stated their appreciation for this project’s completion.

Entrance Landscaping Beds: Many of the members had voiced a concern that the landscaping beds appeared unkept and did not showcase Captain’s Walk entrance. The Board looked at options, took bids and the project was completed in time for the 4th of July. Flags were donated by two members and displayed. 

Repair, Replacement Of Rotting Boards and Painting: Many members voiced concerns regarding deteriorating boards at shared steps, handrails, etc. within CWV. The Board took bids, this project was completed and all shared surfaces were painted. This project really enhanced a refreshed appearance in CWV. The Board has noticed that some members have also painted their private steps and decks. Thank you.

Mold Follow-Up: We met with the contractor that performed the mold remediation in 2019 for a re-inspection of all areas and the following concerns were found:


  • Leaking pipes in crawl spaces: this is a plumbing issue that each owner is responsible to correct. Leaking hot water heaters in crawl spaces: this is a plumbing issue that each owner is responsible to correct.
  • Dryers venting directly into crawl spaces: dryers are blowing hot moist air and are creating moisture onto beams, etc. Dryers must be vented to the outside property and this is an owner responsibility.

  • Crawl spaces are being used for storage. Items stored in a crawl space are not permitted and could cause damage to the vapor barrier which was installed. Each owner has been notified and these will be re-inspected in August. Please remember your association spent approximately $40,000.00 in 2019. Please don’t be negligent and do not contribute to future mold issues.
  • Outside AC Units And Supports: This was addressed in the April Newsletter. Letters went to each owner concerned and these will be re-inspected in August.


PENDING PROJECTS: Bldg. 125 has a drainage issue, one of the gutter downspout feeds into an underground line which appears to be severely clogged or collapsed. This is creating a pooling near the base of the foundation after rainfall. A company has assessed the situation and will be providing a quote to install a new drain line. 

Moisture Issue: Bldg. 560 has a moisture issue at the corner foundation wall. This is a previous problem as drylok was applied in 2019. However, there appears to be moisture weeping thru caused by excess rainfall. Two companies are scheduled to assess the problem in July and provide a quote for repairs

Trees: Bldg 560 has expressed concerns regarding trees. These trees were not a problem when we met with the Arborist earlier this year. However, we know any tree at any time can become a problem. We are having those assessed for removal or trimming. One large shedding tree limb was removed over the mailboxes in June.

Property Management: It was discussed that at last year’s annual meeting and it was determined that the 2020 Board would make a determination on the issue. Proposals have been sought prior to this Board meeting and were discussed. References/testimonials from other HOA Boards were read. It was unanimously decided that Foothills Property Management would be presented to the membership for vote.

Some specifics discussed were that Foothill’s proposal was considerably less than the figure presented in 2019 which was a monthly fee of $1,500.00, Foothills has proposed a monthly fee of $17.50 per unit for a total monthly fee of $1,085.00, which would be a budgetary benefit to CWV. Foothills manages most of the other condo associations in Keowee Key so they have extensive knowledge in this specific area and the many challenges we face, they are a local company and hold all the required licenses for South Carolina. They have stellar references from other associations within KKPOA. They manage both financials and the maintenance.The Board discussed the importance of neutrality for community harmony and that benefit an outside company offers.

Given that a management company may be taking over the day-to-day tasks of CWV and with a management company the complexity of Board duties will be considerably reduced, they work closely with the Board they follow the Master Deed. As customary, the Board members' upcoming year dues are waived at the end of year meeting. The Association forgave over $7,000.00 in dues for the 2019 Board. We feel this amount will go a long way in covering costs of a management company. Therefore, the 2020 Board has taken a vote and will unanimously decline the Association writing off our 2021 CWV dues if a management company is put in place. Included in the vote package being sent, each member will be asked to vote as to whether or not to stop the practice of paying dues for Board volunteers.

The Board requested performance reviews from other Boards within Keowee Key, which are being managed by Foothills Management, and they are as follows:


  • “Regarding Foothills, we are more than pleased with their performance. Their responsiveness to our maintenance issues is very good. Whenever I call or email I get a quick response. Their accounting procedures work well for us. (Diane Lee and Lisa Bisuel are very good) and Geig Lee consistently makes himself available to the Board members and residents. We agree with Foothills approach to solving problems as they arise in the neighborhood most of the time. In summary, I recommend that Captain’s Walk seriously consider Foothills as your property manager."

  • “I personally think Foothills does a wonderful job. They not only manage our buildings and property, but also maintain our finances, which are audited by an independent company each year. They are very professional. I have never had an issue with availability and they attend all our Board Meetings. Diane from Foothills records our minutes. Work orders are usually acted upon quickly unless there is an issue with mobilizing a third party vendor. They are responsive in emergencies. Geig Lee’s family owns both the management company and a construction company. We have had them do construction work for us as well and it usually comes in under budget. I honestly don’t know how we would function without them, they are truly our partners in managing this beast of a housing complex. I have now worked directly with them for five years and still hold a very high opinion. They have a difficult job and somehow make it look easy. They are also reasonably priced given the amount of work they do for us.” 


We will be sending the Vote Package out the first of August. Geig Lee has graciously consented to participate in a teleconference to answer any questions members may wish to ask concerning Foothills. We will be emailing the date to all members. If you wish to participate you will need to email CWV so you can be linked into the conference.

Taxes: A CPA was enlisted in October 2019 to obtain information as to when CWV last filed tax returns. After repeated requests thru June 2020, the Board felt it necessary to terminate this CPA and the matter has been turned over to another CPA.

Recycle Bins: You may have noticed the attractive “wicker” look bins around our Captain’s Walk property. These are recycle bins right on CWV premises, as part of a collaboration between the joint condo association and the Green Team. These were placed here at no cost to Captain’s Walk. We hope you appreciate the convenience and follow the posted guidelines for anything deposited in the bins.

Expenses to Date: The Board attached in the Newsletter email a detailed Itemized General Repairs List and Special Projects List thru June 30, 2020 for projects that have been completed. If any member has a question or concern please email to

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