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Community Newsletter January 2020

Posted on January 14, 2020 at 4:00 PM


January 14, 2020


Dear Captain’s Walk Villa Owners:


This is our first community newsletter of the year. We want to inform you as to projects already completed and items to be completed in the coming months, as well as some reminders concerning neighborly courtesy in making our community enjoyable for all.


The leaves and debris have been removed from the roofs as well as having a visual inspection. The results of the inspection found missing shingles, protruding nails/staples, as well as rotting wood around some chimneys. This work has been contracted and is in the process of being completed. The leaf removal/inspection cost came in at $700 below previous cost, so we were pleased with that savings.


Squirrel and carpenter bee damage was discovered in the 100 block. These boards are being replaced and painted.


A portion of the decorative fence along Captain’s Walk Circle had fallen and the post rotted. Calls were made to KKPOA to determine responsibility. This is in Captains Walk area and is our fence. The repair has been scheduled and will be completed soon.


The new Board president has met with our insurance agent to go through our policy and coverages to determine the types of things our insurance should or could be involved in. The agent was very helpful and thorough.


The new Board president has had phone conversations with an attorney who specializes in HOA matters and an initial (free) in-office consultation is planned. The consultation will be regarding pertinent matters and to determine changes that may be needed to the Master Deed/Bylaws (any such changes will be put to the membership for approval).


Federal tax forms for the last few tax years have apparently not been filed. We are working to get information regarding these issues. We will work to get the 2019 taxes filed on time, while also cleaning up any past non-filed years with as few penalties as possible.


The 2020 Budget is posted on the website, and a copy is attached in the email with this newsletter. The budget was voted on and approved by the current BOD.


A radon issue was brought up at the last annual meeting in December. One unit had a residential inspection done where radon was found present in an unoccupied basement area at a level that required mitigation. The newly elected Board with the owner's permission had an independent radon test done by a professional inspection company and the test results were decidedly below mitigation levels. This matter has been resolved to everyone's satisfaction with no further action necessary.

JOINT MEETING of Keowee Key Townhome/Condo Boards

Our Board President attended a joint meeting of KK condo boards and found it to be informative and productive.




This will be looked at to determine best solutions, cost and a timeframe for when it needs to be done.


We have been unable to retrieve the dead tree data from 2019, so another inspection will be done. We will then determine which trees need to be removed, which need to be watched, and which limbs need to be trimmed.


Parking is at a premium and we are analyzing possible solutions or improvements. This may include numbering parking spaces, however, in the Captains Cove section of the complex, there are 20 condos and 25 parking spaces. Many owners have 2 vehicles, so this presents and impossible situation. If we number the spaces, each condo will have 1 space with only 5 extras remaining. Please be a good neighbor and be mindful of everyone’s need to have 1 space to park near their condo. If you are aware of any resident having special parking needs, please be considerate of that as well.

Boats, trailers, etc are not permitted to park overnight. Contact KK Operations or KK Marina office for short term parking/boat storage needs.


Quotes for painting any shared steps will be gathered and project commenced as weather permits.


These items will be researched and then put to the membership for a vote. Additional items may be added during the year.


• An option for owners in consideration for a more durable deck flooring.


• An option for owners considering a full glass panel storm door.


• A committee to study parking options, perhaps changing the layout of the spaces now   available.




Invoices have been emailed to each owner for the 2020 Regime Fees. These fees are due by the end of January. If you did not receive an invoice please let us know at Also, if you notice that your name or address is incorrect on the invoice, please email corrected info. (Checks should be mailed to 1200 Captain’s Cove Ct, Salem, SC 29676).


Exterior doors are to be a specific color so that all will match and have continuity. There are condos with white exterior door trim, which needs to be painted with the permitted color. Door paint information, along with porch/deck railing & floor paint colors, is available on the website (


It is individual owners’ responsibility to check and clean out dryer vents, so this is a reminder to check yours and clean out any excess lint.


As a reminder, the annual termite inspection will take place January 17. This will take place on the exterior and in crawl spaces. They do not need to be inside your unit. If you are present and wish to have an inside inspection, just ask them in person that day. (Any interior pest treatments are at individual owner’s expense but it can be a convenient time to have things looked at if needed).


Captains Walk Villas is a horizontal regime, so be mindful of your neighbors with respect to noise. Some ways to help with noise are to have area rugs over portions of any hard flooring, having draperies to absorb some sound, and keeping volume on TV/audio to a reasonable level, particularly late at night or early in the morning.


Our website will be the central spot for community news, information, documents, etc. It also provides the ability to connect directly with Captains Walk neighbors by joining the page, where there is a social media-type platform for messaging, etc. This can be a wonderful community tool, so we encourage people to join and utilize it.


It became apparent at the 2019 Annual Meeting that there were people who were willing to offer their time to help out in the neighborhood in various ways. We think this is a wonderful thing for potentially keeping costs down as well as encouraging a spirit of community. Sherri Wangrin has volunteered her services to assist with property management items, so you may see her around the community in that capacity.

Another area for volunteering would be for Spring planting. We can very economically add more flowers and color to the complex if a few people are willing to plant and water. Jim Andrews has volunteered to help with this and we’d love to have others! If there are enough participants, our plans are to have a planting day followed by a pizza or bbq party at the pool. ALL OF THESE DETAILS WILL BE POSTED AND UPDATED on the Captains Walk website as they progress.

If you are interested in helping in a volunteer with any items mentioned here or have experience/expertise in areas that may be beneficial to the community, please let us know via email: with the subject “VOLUNTEER”. By utilizing time and talents within the community, we can help keep our regime fees low while still maintaining or improving our complex.


The subject of hiring professional property management was brought up prior to and at the 2019 Annual Meeting. Once the current board gets an idea of the management needs and determines if this is necessary or advisable, we will re-address that topic, probably mid-year, and would seek and accept proposals from any interested property management companies.

Best wishes for a wonderful new year, from your 2020 Board of Directors!

Donna Rice, President

Kerry Stefanyak, Vice President

Bill Hollyday, Treasurer

Amy Brennan, Secretary

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