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Board Meeting notes

Posted on May 16, 2018 at 8:50 PM

May 16, 2018 Board Meeting Notes -

Call to Order at 10AM

Financial Report – Captain’s Walk Finances are in excellent shape. Our operating account and reserves are adequately funded

Building Repairs and Painting – Although painting the six remaining buildings that were not painted last year was not originally in this year’s budget, we have received an excellent price to paint the remaining buildings. Therefore, the Board has approved the painting. Buildings 100, 125, 200, and 300 have been finished.

Carpentry has recently been completed where repairs were needed. Replacement light post toppers will be completed soon for those that are in bad shape.

A vapor barrier has been installed under building 560.

Buildings 125, 200 and 560 have been treated for carpenter bees.

All buildings have been pressure washed.

Landscaping – Mulch will be added to the property where needed when the painting is complete.

South Flagship Walking Trail – The new South Flagship Walking Trail crosses Captain’s Walk property in front of buildings 100 and 125. KKPOA has had a survey completed to acknowledge that fact. Captain’s Walk has been added to KKPOA’s insurance in case there is an issue or accident on the trail that is on CW property. KKPOA has promised to install landscape plants to help shield the utility boxes in front of building 100 that have been exposed by the removal of trees.

Annual Meeting Date – The date for our annual meeting is December 8, 2018.

The Meeting was adjourned at 11:06 AM


Board Meeting notes, Dec 2, 2017 10 am Captains Walk Villas HOA.

Place: Event Center

Attendance, Ron Lavender, David Walker, Sandi Doherty and 9 proxy votes.

Ron called meeting to order. Reading of last minutes was waived and approved.

Ron reviewed insurance for next year. We are expecting a $500 increase next year with Travelers.

David reviewed this year’s financials. Several projects were completed including paving, landscaping, rebuild chimneys and painting of 4 building. Actual expenses were over budget by $4,000 due to increase in Building Maintenance. All accounts are reconciled and approved. We have 2 accounts with liens for collection with 2 others pending liens. One account is to be collected next week. Financials were seconded and approved.

Budget for 2018 was presented for approval. Due to increased need for building maintenance and replacement/repair of gutter system, an increase of 10% of the regime fee and increase of transfer fees to $1000.00 was approved. Painting costs for the remaining buildings are extremely high due to contractors leaving area for Texas or Florida, therefore building painting will be delayed to 2019. With the dues increase, we should have enough in reserve to complete all building painting in 2019 without an additional assessment. Budget for 2018 was seconded and approved.

New business was presented concerning the outdoor lighting. Sandi is to look at some new fixtures and present to board.

The new board for 2018 was unanimously approved by the members via vote. Your new board members are, Ron Lavender, David Walker, Darryl Benamati, and Carlene Walker.

Compensation of the 2017 Board members, Ron and David was approved by waiving of 2018 regime fee.

Next meeting will be March 2018, TBD.

Meeting adjourned

Change of Mailing Address

Posted on August 21, 2012 at 1:55 PM

Please change all future mailing including payment to:

Captains Walk Homeowners Association

1200 Captains Cove Ct

Salem SC  29676

email address is