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Board Meeting Minutes - January 19, 2021

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Captains Walk Villa Homeowners Association BoardMeeting Minutes January 19th, 2021


The regular meeting of the Captains Walk Villa Homeowners Association Board was called to order at 1:40pm on January 19, 2021 via Zoom Meeting by Sherri Wangrin.

Present (Via Zoom)

Sherri Wangrin (Board member)

Franck Boynton (Board member)

Chris Nassor (Board member)

Geig Lee (Foothills Property Management)

Diane Lee (Foothills Property Management)

Approval of Agenda. No official agenda for this initial meeting. Approval of Minutes. The Board will approve the January 14, 2021 minutes via email.

Open Issues:


  • The Board discussed a new owners request at the 600 building. Currently, there is a neighbor’s deck in need of painting. G. Lee will send the owner a reminder.The Board discussed the painting of the common steps last year. A friendly noticewill be issued to remediate the steps due to safety and the unsightliness. If the owner does not comply after 30 days, the HOA will repair the steps [at a cost to owner].
  • Foothills will follow up on 3 dryer vents, roof repair at building 8, wooden pieces at light need reattaching at building 560. Light out at 100-5, Sherri will check the bulb.


New Business:  


  • The Board discussed Ground Service and additional improvements such as repairsand mulching needed. After a brief discussion, the Board agreed to allow Upstate Yard Pros complete the gutter cleaning and leaf removal in the moat areas. 
  • The Board discussed the proposed 2021 Budget at length. The Reserve account balance is $59,800. The Operating account balance is $52,569. Bill indicated that he has an additional $1,000 [remaining in old acct to transfer]. 
  • Tax filings for 2019 has been filed.
  • The Board discussed changes to the Insurance cost. Contingency will change to $4,000 and $10,000 will be transferred to the Reserve leaving a $355. cash gain. Sherri motioned to approve the 2021 budget as amended. Chris seconded this motion and the motion carried.
  • The Board discussed adding additional parking spaces and striping. This will add 2 or 3 additional spots. A reminder for owners, park one car close and one farther away.


Adjournment: Sherri Wangrin motioned to adjourn the meeting. Chris Nassor seconded this motion and the motion carried


Board Mtg Minutes - Jan 14, 2021

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Captains Walk Villa Homeowners Association Board

Meeting Minutes January 14th, 2021

The regular meeting of the Captains Walk Villa Homeowners Association Board was called to order at 1:30pm on January 14, 2021 via Zoom Meeting by Sherri Wangrin..

Present (via Zoom)

Sherri Wangrin (Board member)

Franck Boynton (Board member)

Chris Nassor (Board member)

Geig Lee (Foothills Property Management) Diane Lee (Foothills Property Management)

Approval of Agenda

No official agenda for this initial meeting.

Approval of Minutes

As this is a new board, there were no prior meeting minutes to approve.

Open Issues

 Three crawl spaces in 560 building have dryer vents which were venting into crawl spaces and must be redirected. Owners are responsible for moving dryer vents to vent outside. Two of the three are in progress or completed. Foothills Property Management (Geig) will follow up.

 Minor roof leak at 800 building. Donna Rice (prior president) has been overseeing. Foothills (Geig) will touch base with her.

New Business

 Terminix needs a date when they can access all crawl spaces, first level condos and basements (for those units with basements) so they can perform termite inspection.

 Terminix will be performing exterior spraying twice a month Captain’s Walk. A note will be sent out to all two weeks before each treatment. They will rotate which buildings they spray each time which will insure that every building receives treatment once per quarter. If an owner would like the inside of their unit


treated, Terminix can do this any time they are doing exterior spraying at Captain’s Walk (even if it isn’t their building being sprayed) The inside treatment will be a $30 cost per treatment and payment is due upon service. Inside treatment should protect a unit for 3 months. Foothills sent a letter on January 14th with more details on how to contact Terminix.

 Gutters have to be cleaned very often due to debris collection (as result of trees and roof pitch). Board looking for recommendations from Foothills Property Management on options to reduce the number of required cleanings. Board understands there may be an upfront cost to these options. Per Foothills, options will never get rid of cleanings but can reduce the number of times per year they are needed.

 Foothills Property Management will reach out to landscaper (Upstate Yard Pro) to get written description of services rendered.

 Currently there is no standard waivers used for right of refusal on sale/purchase of Captains Walk units. Board will work with Foothills to approve a standard form that can be sent to owners for completion.

 Foothills (Diane Lee) needs year-end bank statements. Per Bill (prior Board member), not yet available.

 Foothills will pay Terminix for 2020 services.

 Foothills (Geig) will develop the 2021 operating budget for discussion/approval

by Board.

 Foothills (Geig) will develop a long-term budget to account for future capital

expenditures. Foothills would like historical information on prior capital


 CWV HOA has storage for files and tools. Looking to eliminate standalone

storage when contract ends. Foothills can store for less money if number of boxes can be reduced to 5 or less. Board will look into going through and clearing out unnecessary records.

 All owner requests and concerns should be sent to Foothills directly by owners. Foothills will bring to Board as needed.

 Board positions for 2021 have been assigned:

o Sherri Wangrin will serve as President

o Franck Boynton will serve as Vice President o Chris Nassor will serve as Secretary/Treasurer

Agenda for Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on January 19 th, 2021 at 1:30pm via Zoom to discuss and approve 2021 budget.



Meeting was adjourned at 2:14pm by Sherri Wangrin. General meetings will occur quarterly but may be more frequent as Foothills takes over management responsibility. The next general meeting will be set at a later date.

Minutes submitted by: Chris Nassor, CWV HOA Secretary Approved by: Sherri Wangrin

Annual Meeting Minutes

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Captains Walk Villas 2020 Annual Meeting


Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Held in Keowee Room of the Event Center, Keowee Key

A quorum was established.


Also in attendance from Foothills Property Management: Geig Lee & Diane Lee


The meeting was called to order.


Current Financial Statement and a full printout of bank transactions were presented for members to see all itemized expenses for the current year. Although there will still be a few expenses during this last month of 2020, we will come in with expenses well below budget (estimated to be around $8K below budgeted expenses after December expenses are figured in). This leaves us in a stronger standing after such large unexpected expenses in 2019.


Landscaping was discussed. It has been difficult no matter which landscaping company we have used to get them to consistently perform the on-going duties as scheduled. Foothills has been made aware of this and may have some alternatives or be able to use their collective clout to help improve the situation.


Pending issues of non-compliance were discussed. There remain a few issues that owners have not remedied, specifically door color violations and dryers not properly vented. Foothills was made aware of this and will follow up after they take over.


Bank account change: With Foothills taking over January 1, we will change our banking to First Citizens, where Foothills does banking with all of their management clients. This will include both the Reserve account and the Operating account.


Pending repair item: 800-4 unit has a flashing issues that is currently being evaluated and under repair. It has been tarred with new booting and flashing but this didn’t fully correct the problem. It has been determined that it could be condensation but is still under investigation to insure that the issue is corrected fully. Foothills was made aware of the issue and will monitor and assess when they take over.


Contractors: The board will pass on any contractor information to Foothills. It was noted that there was currently only one on-going contractor that would be recommended to continue, since the other reliable contractor is planning on moving out of the area soon. It was noted that Foothills having both the management team and a separate contractor business based locally could be beneficial to Captains Walk.


Property Management: Geig and Diane introduced themselves and shared their long history in property management in the area. The month of Dec will be used to set up transitions. Information regarding contacts and methods of reporting issues will be provided prior to January 1, when they take over, and will be emailed to all members and posted on the CW website.


2021 Board: It was noted that while we did have 2 volunteers for the 2020 board who had been elected (Franck Boynton & Sherri Wangrin), we still needed to fill the third position, which Donna Rice had volunteered to fill temporarily in order to reach the three member count outlined in the bylaws. Chris Nassor graciously stepped up to serve and will be appointed by the board for the third position. Appreciation was shown to the 2020 Board for the job they have done in this most unusual year.


The meeting was adjourned.



2020 Annual Meeting

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The annual meeting of Captains Walk Villas HOA will be held Tuesday, December 8 from 1pm to 3pm in the Keowee Room of the Event Center.

This will also provide an opportunity for owners to meet Foothills Property Management before they take over managment duties on January 1, 2020. 

Please wear a mask if you attend and respect social distancing measures. 

We hope to see you there as we wrap up this most unusual year!

3rd Quarter Newsletter

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3rd Quarter Newsletter


Hi everyone! It is amazing the holidays are almost here as we are fast approaching the end of another year. The annual meeting is scheduled for Tuesday December 8th from 1pm to 3 pm in the Keowee Room of the Event Center. 

Third quarter was not as crazy as the first half of the year however, we did complete several projects.



Crawl space moisture issues:

As noted in the mid-year newsletter, during an inspection of the crawl spaces numerous items were noted as moisture problems that needed to be corrected. All issues were owner responsibility. Several crawl spaces had leaking pipes, etc. These items were addressed with each owner and most have been repaired.

Dryer vents not vented to the outside creating excessive moisture in the crawl spaces. An owner responsibility which are being corrected.


Completed projects:

Bldg 125:

The new exterior drain pipe has been installed and working properly to divert water away from the foundation.

Bldg. 560:

3 trees were removed at the rear of the units.

Bldg. 560: Crawl space below units 3 & 5

New French drains and sump pumps were installed. As French drains are perforated, gravel was installed around the pipe to help prevent silt, etc. from entering and clogging pipe. The company that installed these two will be conducting a reinspection in 2021.

560 Bldg: Outside lighting issue. An electrician evaluated the issue and found a shorted wire. That has been repaired.


CWV Income Tax filing:

The 2019 income taxes have been filed.


900-1000 Bldg;

Four trees in front of these bldg. were overgrown and needed pruning away from steps and decks. We waited until the blooming stage was completed as not to damage future growth. This has been completed.

900 Bldg:

Critter damage on siding on each front corner board. Replaced and painted.

100 Bldg:

During an inspection two problems were found. A disconnected downspout and deteriorated wood in the crawl space. Both items were repaired.

800 Bldg.

A leak was discovered. The roof jacks that flash the plumbing vents needed to be sealed. This was completed.

Tropical storm damage:

Due to the storm CWV had a lot of debris, such as small limbs, pine needles and leaves covered most areas. However, we were very fortunate. The landscapers came Friday Oct. 30, cleaned all parking lots and shared areas. The second week of Nov the landscapers will clean the rest of the debris left on the grounds.

*Amendment to By-Laws:

The Amendment concerning future financial consideration to members while serving on the Board was presented to the Membership and approved. Addendum and The Rules and Regulations have been recorded at the court house and are posted on CWV website. (Note: The email version of the newsletter referred to this as an Addendum, but it was actually an Amendment).

Management Company:

Foothills Management was approved and will start January 1, 2021. You will have an opportunity to meet with them at the annual meeting.