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Call for Candidates

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October 19, 2020


To all Captain’s Walk Homeowners,



The Board of Directors presents its annual “CALL FOR CANDIDATES” for the upcoming 2021 General Election. If there is anyone interested in becoming an officer on the 2021 Board of Directors, please submit a resume no later than November 5th. All resumes will be emailed out along with a ballot for homeowners to cast their votes during the month of November. The 2021 Board of Directors will be announced at the December Annual meeting.

As of January 1, 2021 Foothills Property Management will take over the management of the community. Foothills Property Management will take direction from the 2021 Board of Directors. However, the responsibility and commitment of the 2021 Board will be greatly reduced. The Board of Directors is a voluntary position.

The success of our community lies within the involvement of our homeowners. We urge everyone to become active homeowners in some capacity, be it volunteering for the community, running for a Board position or staying informed through viewing our community website.

All resumes will be posted on an “Election” page (under "Community News") on this website and will also be emailed to membership in the vote package. Please email all resumes in Microsoft Word or PDF format to, all resumes must be received by November 5th to be placed on the ballot.

The Board of Directors must be no less than three and no more than 5 positions.

President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Board member.

Vote Results In

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The results of the Captains Walk HOA Vote Package are as follows:


Item 1. Hiring Foothills Property Management was APPROVED with a vote of 23-1


Item 3. Rules and Regulations were APPROVED with vote of 23-1. These can now be filed at the courthouse as required by SC law.  


These above items only required a majority of the votes being cast in order to be passed. 

Item 2. Discontinuing Boad compensation & changing bylaws to reflect that was APPROVED with a vote of 32-0.  (As a direct bylaw change, this item had extended voting time due to needing a majority of all owners either casting a no or yes vote). 

Thank you to all who participated in the voting process! 


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A vote package has been emailed out to owners. Following is the info sent, and voting instructions:

The 2020 Board of Directors are presenting 3 items for membership vote. PLEASE RESPOND VIA EMAIL LISTING EACH NUMBERED ITEM (1, 2, 3) and your vote for (YES) or against (NO). Additional information is available about each topic at (under Community News).

1: Property Management As stated in the July Newsletter, hiring a professional, local, South Carolina licensed property management firm is advisable for this HOA. After reviewing proposals, the Board voted unanimously on Foothills Management as the most logical choice. This firm already manages four associations within Keowee Key. They have a stellar reputation, long time experience, are already familiar with KKPOA and understand the complexity of issues that Captain’s Walk Villas deal with on a yearly basis. It is highly desirable to have the neutrality that an outside property management company would bring to continuity of our Association.

Below are two reviews from Associations within Keowee Keys on Foothills Management.

“Regarding Foothills, we are more than pleased with their performance. Their responsiveness to our maintenance issues is very good. Whenever I call or email I get a quick response. Their accounting procedures work well for us. (Diane Lee and Lisa Bisuel are very good) and Geig Lee consistently makes himself available to the Board members and residents. We agree with Foothills approach to solving problems as they arise in the neighborhood most of the time. In summary, I recommend that Captain’s Walk seriously consider Foothills as your property manager.”

“I personally think Foothills does a wonderful job. They not only manage our buildings and property, but also maintain our finances, which are audited by an independent company each year. They are very professional. I have never had an issue with availability and they attend all our Board Meetings. Diane from Foothills records our minutes. Work orders are usually acted upon quickly unless there is an issue with mobilizing a third party vendor. They are responsive in emergencies. 

Geig Lee’s family owns both the management company and a construction company. We have had them do construction work for us as well and it usually comes in under budget. I honestly don’t know how we would function without them, they are truly our partners in managing this beast of a housing complex. I have now worked directly with them for five years and still hold a very high opinion. They have a difficult job and somehow make it look easy. They are also reasonably priced given the amount of work they do for us.”

If you agree with hiring Foothills Property Management, please vote “YES, on item #1, or “NO” if you do not agree.

2. Board of Directors compensation: The term “Volunteer:” A person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task. The 2020 Board has voted unanimously to reject this offer for forgiveness of 2021 dues in order to help bolster our association’s financial picture. We feel strongly Board compensation should cease as these funds would be better utilized for the benefit of the membership.

If you agree with discontinuing Board compensation, vote YES on Item #2, or NO if you disagree.

3. Rules and Regulations: A South Carolina law passed May 2018 requiring HOAs to be more transparent concerning their Rules and Regulations. This law stated the Rules and Regulations were to be recorded by January 10, 2019 and made public to membership. HOAs are required to write, document and record their Rules and Regulations at the courthouse. Since this was not done in 2019, we need to review CWV’s Rules and Regulations and vote to re- establish them for recording at the courthouse. This will make us compliant with South Carolina law.

If you agree with the Rules and Regulations, vote YES on Item #3, or NO if you disagree. See next page for voting instructions. 

TO VOTE ON THESE ITEMS PLEASE send return email by 5pm September 1, 2020 to, noting whether you are for (“YES”;), or against (“NO”;).

Include your UNIT NUMBER (one vote per unit, not per person).

1. Foothills Property Management Approval: Yes or No

2. Discontinuing Board Compensation: Yes or No

3. Rules and Regulations Approval: Yes or No

Foothills Property Management Philosophy & Profile

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This info was provided by Foothills Property Management regarding their general business philosophy and profile for review prior to the meeting on Aug 12. Anyone unable to attend who has questions may email them to the CWV Board prior to the meeting. 



We believe we are hired by the Board of Directors to serve all homeowners within the association. It is our responsibility to monitor and maintain the property and to handle the day-to-day operations of the Association, collect the revenues, and apply them per the budget that the Board has approved. We expect to work with all owners to handle their concerns, monitor accounts receivable to insure all are kept current, provide a monthly financial report, conduct the Annual Meeting of the owners, and work with the accountant for the Association tax return. We believe in strong financial management and work to prepare proposed annual budgets as well as long range Capital Improvement Schedules for the Board’s review and approval. We take a personal interest in the Association and attempt to manage it as if we are owners of the property.




Foothills Property Management was established as a full time property management firm in 1984. Currently we manage nearly 600 properties, fifteen property owner associations, and two mini-storage facilities. We collect and process all rents/regime fees, pay applicable invoices, prepare monthly owner reports/ financial statements, work with owners/board of directors in managing their property. We prepare year end reports including 1099’s and work with accountants for HOA tax returns.

Founded in 1972 as The Foothills Co., Inc., specializing in custom construction, we have grown into one of the areas most successful construction, real estate, and property management firms. We are licensed as a General Contractor in South Carolina, License # G11436 and with the South Carolina Real Estate Commission with Paige G. Lee, Broker-in-Charge.


Foothills Property Management has a full time staff of dedicated professionals to handle the management of our client’s properties. Their only function and responsibility is property management.


In addition to providing quality property management service, our clients often benefit from our construction background and affiliation. We work with most of the construction trades, many of which we employ in our contracting business. We have a thorough knowledge of costs and we have the ability to get things done in an economical, professional manner for our clients.


Foothills Property Management has a full time service and maintenance department that can deliver significantly cheaper rates than most independent service contractors. We save our clients money as a result of our knowledge, affiliations, and personnel.



Foothills Property Management Staff:


Paige G. Lee - Broker in Charge

Rebekah Brackett - Property Manager

Robin Smith - Property Manager/Broker

Paige G. Lee III - Property Manager/Broker

 - Maintenance/Service Manager

 - HOA Manager

Diane Lee - Office Manager

Deborah Money - Rental Accounting

Lisa Bisuel - Rental Associate/HOA Specialist

- Administrative Associate

Debra Boggs - Property Manager/Rental Associate

Diana McClellan - Receptionist

Sue H. Gibson - Independent Sales Associate

Affiliated Service Employees:


Bill White - Service Technician

Tommy Pilgrim  - Service Technician

Andrzej Szczerbowicz  - Facilities Maintenance

Dallas Pilgrim - Facilities Maintenance

CJ Dodgens - Facilities Maintenance

Sam Boggs - Weekend Maintenance

-  Master Carpenter

Charles Mumaw - Master Carpenter

Wayne Grant - Paint Foreman


Open Meeting with Foothills Property Management

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Captains Walk Owners:

In order to provide all owners an opportunity to ask questions directly of Foothills Property Management prior to voting on this issue, we have arranged to have an in-person open meeting with them. 

This meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 12 from 10am-noon at the Northside Pavilion (adjacent to the beach on the Leisure Trail).  Being outdoors will allow us to spread out and social distance. There are limited chairs & tables at this site, so please bring your own chairs if possible and please wear a mask. We will have hand sanitizer available. 

For those who cannot attend in person, we will provide a follow up email that outlines the Q&A.  YOU MAY EMAIL QUESTIONS IN ADVANCE if you cannot attend in person. 

A vote package will be sent out after the meeting. 

We hope to see you there! 

The CWV Board  

(Please see copy of Foothills Proposal also posted on this site).  

POST-MEETING UPDATE (8/18):  The meeting took place with a few members present. Since there were no new topics brought up during the meeting, we did not create a recap.  If anyone has any questions that they did not send in prior to the meeting or would still like to be addressed, please email them to the Board.